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My biggest professional synth is my insatiable thirst for knowledge: I'm greedy to dig into something new or take on a challenge at any moment. Luckily the pragmatic side of me tempers this greed by requiring meaning above all and puts my feet back on the ground before getting hyped away.

My in/capabilities

I know my way around networking, cross platform system / infrastructure design & administration and my first love : web development (fascinated by full stack, but most experienced with backend development). I have broad spectrum of experience with very different topics, but I did never have the opportunity to dig into something specific long enough to dare to call me a specialist at anything. Luckily, to satisfy my knowledge hunger, I could walk the path of being a generalist.

Troubleshooting - a love-hate relationship

As I prefer to learn & create, I never liked fixing stuff & troubleshooting much, but bearing the responsibility of customers to keep happy, made me face & appreciate this part of the game as well. My patience, persistency & down to earth attitude have proven to be of good use to get the hang of it.

The outgrowing challenge

Running this in small & growing team is my biggest challenge though, more than any technicality has even been. It made me face a whole new ground: to find and keep the delicate balance between working with a number of people and being a team. The peculiarities of people couldn't be more contrary to machine predictability - which has always been a pillar to me, given my tech roots. Just a new challenge, right? ^^

My time-efficient and thrifty pastimes

In my non-existing spare time, I like to create something using just words and punctuation, more commonly known as writing. I also enjoy anything beautiful, I have a personal taste for complex symmetrical simplicity!

I'm also an Airbnb Superhost in Antwerp, which I love doing. Checkout my Airbnb listing! 

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